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Organic Pumpkin Powder

Organic Strawberry Powder

Organic Strawberry Powder

Organic Purple Sweet Potato Powder

Organic Dragon Fruit Powder

Organic Celery Powder

Organic and Natural
Organic Fruits and Vegetables

USDA/NOP Organic of Fruit & Vegetable Natural Powder

BRC British Retail Consortium
European Union
Food and Drug Administration
Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America
Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A.
United States Department of Agriculture
2005 Food Safety Management System
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
Halal Foundation Canter
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Service Advantage

KangMed is committed to creating natural, healthy and delicious products.

Provide high-quality products

Provide High-quality Products

We choose high-quality organic raw material bases, and only qualified organic raw materials can enter the production.

Provide competitive prices

Provide Competitive Prices

Through mass production, we try to control costs while ensuring quality, and strive to leave profits to customers.

Provide customized services

Provide Customized Services

We provide a variety of packaging solutions to enable customers to quickly enter the market and save time and labor costs.

Organic fruit
Organic Fruit and Vegetable Powder
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Why choose KangMed ?

KangMed has been working in this field for 15 years+. We provide solutions and innovations for nearly 20 industries in more than 40 countries/regions, including food and beverages.

Preferred raw materials

Preferred raw materials

Our strict quality standards start with the selection of raw materials, which must be strictly tested before they can enter production.

Third-party testing

Third-party agency testing

Our testing is carried out at any time, and the pesticide and heavy metal residues of the finished products must be tested by a third party.

USDA organic certification

USDA organic certification

Our organic products have been certified by the USDA and comply with the organic regulations of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Customer Reviews

What People's Say

KangMed is committed to supporting initiatives aimed at the development of sustainable agriculture. We believe that whether it is farmers, suppliers, customers, consumers, employees, community members or shareholders, we can play a key role together with stakeholders.
Let's see what customers and partners say about KangMed.

What do people say?
Gao Jin Food Company

Working with KangMed is happy, their products and services are very good, and they helped me solve big problems in the early stage of the project.

Thomas Bennet

Thomas Bennet

Sanquan Beverage Company

Cooperated with KangMed for more than 10 years. They never let me down. The service they provide is always top-notch!

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy

Los Angeles
Yilite Industrial Company

KangMed is the most reliable organic fruit and vegetable powder supply company I have ever seen. If you are looking for a partner, you can come and see!

Tomy Brown

Tomy Brown

Pure Valley
Windmill Organics

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